An Assessed and Professionally Qualified Sales Force

Sales Talent Development is an online programme designed to deliver an assessed, trained and qualified individual sales person. The programme gives an understanding of the individual's current and future capabilities in relation to the role they perform for the business. In understanding their current capabilities and their potential, the business is able to develop the talent pool, and maximise the asset to drive significantly improved revenue.


 The online programme delivers:

• A Trained and Certified Sales Force

• A quick payback of less than 6 months

• Objective Benchmark against International Standards


• Insights & Analysis for Executives

• Integrated Approach




The assessment is the key element that provides insight into the ability of the individuals in the team and how best to plan their development. The insight provides a holistic view of the individuals’ skills, comfort, motivation and critical reasoning in performing their assigned role.

The outputs from the assessment are mapped against the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM) certificate levels, providing a clear indication of the development requirements of the candidate. A preliminary written summary of individual and team results is sent to the company.

Individuals are given feedback on their results online including an overview of areas for focus.


Having completed the assessments and feedbacks, the Executive Summary is sent to Management. This comprises the individual assessment reports, the feedback report for each candidate and the recommended training and development requirements for each individual.


Training is offered at the appropriate level and is undertaken in a bespoke online Academy. Testing during and after the learning is used to determine the level candidates have reached. The learning is scenario based and each course offers a downloadable course pack. The motivators identified in the initial assessment can be used to assist in driving the individuals’ commitment to their learning and self-development.


On completion of each module, the candidate gains credits which count towards the appropriate Awards, Certificates or Diplomas offered by the ISMM. The ISMM is recognised as the premier institute offering regulated Sales and Marketing qualifications. Any investment in learning now can be banked against higher levels of qualification over the longer term.