Managing the Sales Talent Pool



To succeed in the current economic climate means extracting the most from all of your resources to reach their maximum potential. SABA helps you address this challenge and increase revenue by improving the effectiveness of your sales team, showing you the full potential of individual members and increasing the effectiveness of your hiring and development decisions. In understanding their potential and acting to develop it you build an effective and engaged Sales Talent Pool.
With SABA you can:
Improve effectiveness
Assessing your sales team to identify and addressing the skill gaps is the first step to improving effectiveness. Once you understand the competencies that are holding your sales team back from performing at an optimal level, you can arrange targeted development and coaching for individuals and or the team training as appropriate. By focusing just on these areas of weakness alone, you can dramatically improve the performance in areas that directly affect revenue generation.
Knowing that your team will consistently achieve its optimum capability will enable you to predict with a high degree of accuracy the revenue that your team is able to produce. This, in turn, will provide the necessary stable financial environment that businesses need in order to grow in a structured manner.
Reach full potential
Different sales roles require different skills. Motivation, behaviour, knowledge and intellect all affect whether a person is capable of doing a job, whether they’re willing to and whether they have the required level of critical reasoning for their specific role.
Aligning your sales people to work within the best role suited for their particular skills will have a significant impact on their success rate and the overall revenue generated. In addition, it brings greatly improved employee satisfaction and helps to improve staff retention, therefore improving return on investment by decreasing the cost of staff to sales.
Make accurate hiring decisions
Job interviews rely too much on gut feel and how the candidate performs during the meeting. Rarely is there an emphasis on more subjective measures that can test their skills required for a specific role in the company. Using sales assessment at the interview stage will increase the accuracy of hiring decisions.
Consistently choosing the right candidate significantly reduces the initial cost of new staff and increases the sales revenue over the working life of your employees. It is not just that they will perform well and reach sales targets, by making the right choice your new member of staff is more likely to achieve job satisfaction and stay in your employment longer.
To find out how you can improve effectiveness, accurately predict the performance of your sales team and increase revenue call SABA today on 01483 275072.