Why Sales Talent Assessment?



Unlike traditional tools that compare current capabilities against historic performers, Sales Talent Assessment reports measure the gaps between current and optimal performance benchmarks to a specific sales role. For the first time you will be able to accurately predict the potential of the individual in a particular job function, allowing you to align your team to achieve its maximum potential.
You may have tried personality or behavioural tests before, but they do not measure enough factors to make adequate hiring or development decisions. Although, these types of “communication style” assessments are useful for personal development, they are not effective for predicting whether or not an individual has the potential to succeed in sales.
Every sales role, within any organisation, requires different skills to be successful. Correctly aligning your sales professionals to the right role for their particular skill set is critical to achieving revenue growth. Sales Talent Assessment Reports help you achieve this by providing a comprehensive picture of an individual’s potential fit to a specific selling role.
Skills and Experience maps help you identify any gaps in an individual’s ability that will allow them to improve performance. Generated as a simple matrix showing current ability versus an optimal skill benchmark, the map outputs are available for all points of the employee lifecycle from hiring and assessment to creating individual development plans.
It is Sales Talent Assessment's ability to balance current capability and the required level of each competency to differing sales roles that sets it apart from its competitors.
In independent tests Sales Talent Assessment consistently proves to be more accurate than any other on-line sales focused equivalent test. This is because Sales Talent Assessment is underpinned by strong theoretical knowledge which allows it to predict accurately on skills, motivation, expertise and intellect of any sales candidate.